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Still from Nada Moheeb's film Roar

Egyptian directors show abortion, harassment, FGM in novel ways

Three shorts by three female Egyptian directors on abortion, sexual harassment and female genital mutilation at the Cairo International Women’s Film Festival – Published on Ahram Online. As the seventh edition of the Cairo International Women’s Film Festival came to a close on 4 December, three Egyptian directors presented three very different films that tackled […]

Sexual Harassment Egypt

Sexual Harassment in Tahrir; Why now?

In Egypt, sexual harassment has been an issue for quite sometime. Women can’t walk down the street without being harassed whether verbally, physically or just by inappropriate looks. According to the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights research 85%  of Egyptian women have experienced sexual harassment and 55% of them are exposed to it on a […]

What Women Want in New Egypt

Over the past weeks we have seen mass protests by people across all segments of society calling for political change and reform, in hope that this change would reflect on economical and social issues in the future. As the days progressed we saw workers striking and protesting for their rights, journalists protesting for free and […]