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Street vendors shine in exhibition that opens Heytan graffiti space

Cairo’s newest art space, Heytan, which aims to develop and highlight street art, opens with an exhibition on a long-term project on street vendors — Published in Ahram Online. —— Heytan — Arabic for Walls — is a project about which there has been much talk for almost three years. It was meant to open […]


Exhibition on jazz pioneer Sun Ra opens in Cairo

An exhibition entitled ‘1971, Sun Ra in Egypt’ at Medrar in Cairo focuses on intergalactic jazz legend’s music – and love of ancient Egypt — Video published in Ahram Online. ——- Cairo-based art space Medrar for Contemporary Art is currently hosting Belgian artist Tom Bogaert’s exhibition 1971, Sun Ra in Egypt, which opened on 15 […]


In Pictures: Lebanese artist creates his Fictional Museum in Cairo

Berlin-based Lebanese artist Said Baalbaki deconstructs history in Munich, Berlin and Cairo simultaneously through his Fictional Museum running at Hotel Viennoise until 25 May — Published in Ahram Online, Video published in Medrar TV and Vernissage TV as part of a joint workshop on video production on arts in Cairo. ———- Within the visual arts […]

Reda Abdel Rahman Artist

Reda Abdel Rahman: an artist inspired by the ancient writings on the wall

A truly Egyptian artist in every meaning of the word, Reda Abdel Rahman draws his inspiration for his artworks from Ancient Egyptian art, which Egypt’s Nile Basin cities are drenched with. From sculpture, to murals to painting on the temple and tomb walls – parallels can be derived between the the paint that has survived […]

Mahatat Damietta

Harnessing the security vacuum, artists rode 2013 work into public space

Ahram Online highlights five 2013 unique art projects that engaged passersby in the public spaces of Cairo, Alexandria, Damietta and Ras Al-Barr — Published in Ahram Online. —————- As Egypt seals its third year since the onset of the revolution in 2011, questions of access to public space, rights and regulations continue to loom in […]

Exhibition Viennoise Revolution

PHOTO GALLERY: Horreya Exhibition | Temporary Revolution Museum

Horreya Exhibition | Temporary Revolution Museum, a set on Flickr. Only a few metres away from a number of protest sites in the heart of downtown Cairo, four artists have set up an exhibition of art pieces entitled ‘Freedom’ at the makeshift ‘Revolution Museum’ in the Hotel Viennoise. Born from a conversation between visual artists […]

Nadine Hammam Forever Exhibition Art Cairo

From ‘Tank Girl’ to exploring love: Nadine Hammam invites viewers into her artworks

Nadine Hammam’s new series, currently on display at ArtTalks in Zamalek, explores romantic relationships and breakups using shattered mirrors and acrylic on canvas — published in Ahram Online. Nadine Hammam’s fourth Solo Exhibition ‘WHY’ opened on 10 December in Zamalek’s Arttalks and features her signature style of mixed media using multi-layered, strong-coloured acrylic paints and […]


Konservativer Extremist

An article I published during my internship in Berlin in Taz. It’s in German as well, but the English (original version is available below). ——– Mohamed Abdelkarim, ein ägyptischer Künstler, wirkt an dem gemeinsamen Forschungs- und Kunstprojekt mit dem Titel „Auf der Suche nach Europa“ mit, dessen Eröffnung für den 1. November in Berlin (Mariannenplatz […]

Artist Rana Elnemr works at her studio projected in Townhouse

RGB: Rendering the art creation mystery obsolete

Downtown Cairo’s Townhouse Gallery invites audiences, virtually, into artists’ studios to witness art creation as it happens [Originally published in Ahram Online] Art, or more specifically art creation, has always been quite obscure. We get to see the final product displayed in a gallery, in a book, a magazine or on a screen. However, as […]

Tank Girl Ahram Nadine Hammam Art Women Egypt

‘Tank Girl’ challenges military rule, patriarchal society

Egyptian visual artist Nadine Hammam, using her unique imagery, calls on women to rise up against military rule and Egypt’s male-dominated society [Published in Ahram Online] As hundreds of women took to the streets on Thursday to march on parliament for International Women’s Day, visual Artist Nadine Hammam opened her new exhibition that challenges the […]