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In conversation: On 2B Continued and performing arts in Egypt

Mada’s Rowan El Shimi and artist Hanaa Safwat sit down to talk about this year’s three-day 2B Continued festival and lab, which presented to the public last weekend. They discuss the three performances — two contemporary dance shows and one play — and then zoom out to look at some issues affecting non-state-affiliated performing arts […]


Young theater troupe Masl portray Egypt’s parking mafia in four cities

Four young men walk down the Manial Corniche in navy-blue overalls on a Monday afternoon. Young couples and middle-aged men on midday breaks sit around, while others pace up and down the river in a hurry. “Come see what we’ve got! A 15-minute play on the street!” the performers sing out to drum beats and […]

Courtesy: Tarek el Attar

Two takes on D-CAF’s The Library

Rowan El Shimi — Published on Mada Masr. While I was a student in school, the library was my favorite hangout during break-time. I would go with my two best friends, and we would each get lost in whatever adventure we found there. We would sit and read some paragraphs aloud, laugh and discuss books […]

عمر عبد العزيز يقدم "المفكراتي" - Courtesy: Amr Abdel-Aziz

Egyptian mimes challenge and entertain with silence

In the deafening Egyptian capital, a small group of independent artists quietly present an art relying on everything the performer has to give — except their voices. – Published on Mada Masr. Egyptian pantomimes have a movement going on. Although it’s not the most visible of art forms, dozens of artists are performing improvised sketches […]

Naguib al-Rihany Theater - Courtesy: Mostafa Abdel-Aty

Stara highlights tense gap between state, commercial and alternative arts

When Stara was set to launch at Emad Eddin Street’s Naguib al-Rihany Theater, it caught newspaper headlines and excited many who follow Egypt’s “alternative” art scene. – Published on Mada Masr. With so few spaces to perform and rehearse, the non-state-affiliated art scene is always jubilant to see new venues sprouting — especially when a […]

Hamlet by Shakespear's globe  Courtesy: Cathy Costain

To be or not to be: A night of mobile ringtones

Shakespeare’s Globe is currently on a very ambitious tour to commemorate 400 years since William Shakespeare’s death. They are taking Hamlet to “every country in the world” — or 205 to be more accurate — over the course of two years. On Monday January 12, Egypt was the 67th country to be ticked off the […]

The Mincer at Rawabet Theatre (Photo: Rowan El Shimi)

The Mincer: An inquiry into routine, social control

Directed by Hakeem Abdel Naim and Nadet Adel; The Mincer explores the human condition at Rawabet Theatre – Published on Ahram Online. In a series of visual theatrical skits set up against a rough backdrop of a construction site, The Mincer presents a framework where the mechanism of how we live our lives is questioned.Before […]

Hara TV 3 Interactive Theatre FGM Egypt

VIDEO: Theatre takes the anti-FGM message around Egypt

As part of a female genital mutilation awareness-raising campaign around Egypt, Hara TV 3 is putting on interactive theatre events around the country. — Previously published on Ahram Online. Ahram Online caught up with them in Qalioubiya in the Nile Delta, where they were putting on a sketch followed by an audience discussion session. Read […]


Doaa Hamza adapts Dario Fo monodrama to the Cairo stage

In her directorial debut, actress and storyteller Doaa Hamza adapts Italian Nobel Laureate Dario Fo’s text to Egyptian women’s realities this weekend at the Nahda Association — Published in Ahram Online. ——– Italian writer, actor and Nobel Laureate Dario Fo tells a timeless and border-neutral tale in his 1977 classic text Il Risveglio (Waking Up) […]


I am Now Dead: Independent production back on stage after nine years

Ahram Online talks with director Hani Afifi about why his play I am Now Dead is just as important now as it was almost a decade ago — Published in Ahram Online. ——- Nine years after it featured at the French Institute’s Jeunes Créateurs (Young Creators) theatre festival, the black comedy I am Now Dead is back […]