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Jews of egypt

Ramadan series ‘The Jewish Alley’ to ‘show birth of sectarianism in Egypt’

Ramadan comes 11 days earlier each year. In recent years this has translated into scorching heat and longer fasting days. But while some things change about Ramadan, like its time, others don’t. There will always be a zombie-like consumption of Ramadan TV. — Published on Mada Masr. This year, one particular series has been making […]

Segn El Nesa Ramadan Television

Segn Al-Nesa: Ramadan TV hit offers glimpse of life in women’s prison

The series created by the team behind last Ramadan’s critically acclaimed Zaat invites audiences into the lives of female prisoners and wardresses in the infamous Qanater Prison — published in Ahram Online. ——– “Prison is not just a high fence and a locked door. Prison can be in a piece of clothing you don’t want […]