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Nadine Hammam Forever Exhibition Art Cairo

From ‘Tank Girl’ to exploring love: Nadine Hammam invites viewers into her artworks

Nadine Hammam’s new series, currently on display at ArtTalks in Zamalek, explores romantic relationships and breakups using shattered mirrors and acrylic on canvas — published in Ahram Online. Nadine Hammam’s fourth Solo Exhibition ‘WHY’ opened on 10 December in Zamalek’s Arttalks and features her signature style of mixed media using multi-layered, strong-coloured acrylic paints and […]

Tank Girl Ahram Nadine Hammam Art Women Egypt

‘Tank Girl’ challenges military rule, patriarchal society

Egyptian visual artist Nadine Hammam, using her unique imagery, calls on women to rise up against military rule and Egypt’s male-dominated society [Published in Ahram Online] As hundreds of women took to the streets on Thursday to march on parliament for International Women’s Day, visual Artist Nadine Hammam opened her new exhibition that challenges the […]