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Trash to Art workshop in Dahab, Sinai, Egypt

Trash turns to art in Dahab Festival

Visitors to the Dahab Festival took part in a workshop run by local resident Anja Makulik who spends her days making art out of trash thrown around the desert [Originally published in Ahram Online] At the kick start of the Dahab Festival, 14-20 April, which incorporates watersports, healthy living, art and culture into six days of […]

Photography: Ras Shitan in Sinai

Probably my favourite place on earth. I consider every time I go there a checkpoint in life. Truly magical.  

Statement from Sinai Tribes regarding Egyptian revolution – بيان بدو سينا عن الثورة المصرية

Through my involvement in Characters of Egypt, which is a non-profit festival aiming to ounite tribes from all over Egypt and provide them with a platform to share their cultural expressions as well as cooperate for their development and promote sustainable tourism in Egypt, I was sent this statement that the Bedouins of Sinai released yesterday. […]