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March to Tahrir Nov 22 – Down with SCAF

Demands of the march & sit in: – SCAF leaves handing over power to a civil transitional body – Government leaves & Civil Presidential Council hires a National Salvation Government – Presidential elections take place in April 2012  

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مشكلة الثورة مش الجيش – المشكلة هي الشعب

أيوة الشعب هو المشكلة. احنا السبنى العسكر يحكمنا مع اننا عارفين إن احنا في دولة بيحكمها العسكر من وقت ما شالو الملك. ناصر كان عسكر. و مش بس عسكر كمان دكتاتور كبير قمع القوة السياسية و إستغل سذاجة الاخوان المسلمين و طمعهم فالسلطة وركبها هو و ابتدى يودينا في داهية. بعدها جه السادات. هو كمان […]

Coalition for Independent Culture holds vigil for victims of attack on Coptic march

Culture groups unite to hold a vigil and put out political demands to Egypt’s ruling military council, stating that as artists they cannot keep quiet after the bold-faced attacks that recently killed 26 [Published in Ahram Online] ——————————————————– On Thursday 13 October evening the Coalition for Independent Culture held a silent vigil, which turned into […]

Photography: Coptic Hospital Protest – Oct 10th

These photos were taken at a protest in front of the coptic hospital the day after Copts were attacked. The protest was meant to be a march in mourning till the church in Abbasia for the funeral. However, the head of the Coptic hospital wanted to write the death certificates as “natural causes” for death. […]

SCAF's relationship with Egyptian PM Essam Sharaf

Why the SCAF & Their Speech are Completely Ridiculous

On February 1st 2011, Mubarak gave his second speech, that annoyed the hell out of most Egyptians but somehow managed to touch the heart of some (He spoke of dying in Egypt, his service to Egypt and how much he loves this country, and let’s face it, we are highly emotional people who often show […]

Freedom Motel Tahrir Square Cairo Egypt Jan 25 Tarek Shalaby

Tarek Shalaby: Citizen Journalist, Activist and in Military Custody for That

Most people know the micro-celebrity Tarek Shalaby as the blogger, and activist who was among the first to camp out in Tarir as early as Jan 30th vowing to leave when Mubarak was ousted. His tent, named Bansyon El Horeyya, became a meeting point for some revolutionaries, and soon enough emerged versions 2, 3, 4, […]