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DCAF urban visions

Public art in private spaces: D-CAF’s Urban Visions

The fourth run of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) kicked off last Thursday. For three weeks, on an annual basis, the city center is transformed into a network of spaces presenting multidisciplinary arts from various corners of the world. — Published on Mada Masr. This includes, an art exhibition, performances, films, music and, perhaps […]


Street vendors shine in exhibition that opens Heytan graffiti space

Cairo’s newest art space, Heytan, which aims to develop and highlight street art, opens with an exhibition on a long-term project on street vendors — Published in Ahram Online. —— Heytan — Arabic for Walls — is a project about which there has been much talk for almost three years. It was meant to open […]

Photo by Mostafa Abd El Aty

Dutch, Egyptian dancers take on Downtown Cairo, Alexandria

D-CAF’s Urban Visions programme brings dance to the streets of Cairo and Alexandria; Dutch troupe The 100Hands return with a new performance featuring Egyptian dancers — video published on Ahram Online. In Cairo’s Alfy Street, and in a passageway next to Alexandria’s Abo Ragab Cafe, Dutch troupe The 100Hands, presented their newest performance, ‘Running Nucleus,’ […]

Mahatat Damietta

Harnessing the security vacuum, artists rode 2013 work into public space

Ahram Online highlights five 2013 unique art projects that engaged passersby in the public spaces of Cairo, Alexandria, Damietta and Ras Al-Barr — Published in Ahram Online. —————- As Egypt seals its third year since the onset of the revolution in 2011, questions of access to public space, rights and regulations continue to loom in […]


Berlin’s public space: Keeping Tempelhof Airport free

Published on Goethe’s website as a reflection of my stay in Berlin during the ‘Culture Journalism in the Arab World’ programme between September 2013 and October 2013. ——— Many say that in spite of the many failures of the Arab Spring in achieving democracy three years down the road from the revolutions, one of the […]


ليه منستغلش الحدائق العامة لنعلم الاطفال و نتكلم سوى؟

القاهرة أو مصر بوجه عام فيها جناين و حدائق عامة كتير سواء في الميادين أو حدائق مخصصة. دائماً بنلاقي نفسنا معديين من قدام الحدائق القريبة من بيوتنا و نلاقيها فاضية، خالية من الناس، مع إن حواليها عمارات كثيرة تتميز بالكثافة السكانية. الواحد بيلاقي الشوارع زحمة و الحدائق فاضية حتى في نهاية الاسبوع. بنلاقي برضه إن […]