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Still from The Do Gooders of Chloe and Lubna

The Do Gooders: Re-examining foreign aid to Palestine

British director Chloe Ruthven examines the little impact foreign aid has on the Palestinian occupation by turning the camera onto her own western attitude – Published on Ahram Online. One film that did not get the attention it deserved at the seventh edition of the Panorama of the European film due to schedule changes was […]

giraffada palestine film

Giraffada: Palestinian giraffe tells the story of occupation

A sweet and poetic Palestinian film about a boy, his father and a giraffe is screening as part of this year’s Panorama of the European Film — published in Ahram Online. —– “The giraffe is stronger than the lion, and their feces smell good!” declares 11-year-old Ziad in class in the opening scene of Giraffada, […]


Egypt’s artists and activists crowdfund to support projects

Egyptian artists and innovators are increasingly using crowdfunding platforms to raise money for projects, by-passing limitations of traditional fundraising – Previously published in Ahram Online. ——————— Egyptian artists, innovators and social activists are more frequently turning to crowdfunding platforms – portals that allow them to fundraise online for their artistic endeavors. Suffering from a dire […]


Palestinian Playback Theater comes to Cairo

Cultural activists put on Playback Theatre performances in Cairo, promote September ‘Freedom Bus’ ride to Palestine [Article originally published in Ahram Online] When we attend the theatre we usually expect to watch actors act out a script. However, this week in Cairo, when audience members visited theatres they told their own stories and had them […]

Hydrarchy Exhibition ISM Palestine Gaza Flotilla

Hydrarchy Symposium: Experts and Activists Share their knowledge on the Sea

In a follow up to a previous article I’ve written regarding Hydrarchy Exhibition, this is focused on the Symposium where speakers discussed different aspects of the sea as a socioeconomic and political space. Speakers discussed historical and artistic impact of the sea, illegal immigration across the Mediterranean, Somali pirates and the Gaza Freedom Flotillas.  All […]

First Israeli Embassy Protest – April 8th

These are photos from the very first protest that happened in front of the Israeli embassy since the revolution started.  

شهادتي الكاملة عن ماحدث ليلة المظاهره عند السفارة الاسرائيليه (وقائع الإعتقال والإرهاب) 15/5/2011 – يوم النكبه

I got this testimonial written by Video Journalist Mohamed Effat who was with the 160 who were arrested by the Israeli embassy by Mohamed Effat on Tuesday, 17 May 2011 at 05:29 كانت الساعة الواحدة والربع بعد منتصف الليل عندما وصلت مع صديقي طارق شلبي شارع مراد بالقرب من السفارة الاسرائيليه, وجدنا مجموعة من الشباب متجهين […]