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Egypt’s culture sector fragmented on current political crisis

A statement intends to speak for Egypt’s culture sector regarding Morsi’s ouster and current Brotherhood ‘terrorism’ at a conference, but Ahram Online hears differing views — article originally published in Ahram Online. ———– Culture Minister Mohamed Saber Arab and several artists and intellectuals held a press conference mostly for the benefit of foreign media on […]

VIDEO: ‘Third Square’ activists against military and Brotherhood rule

In Sphinx Square in Mohandessin, protesters gather to show their dismay at both military and brotherhood rule calling for the revolution’s original demands: bread, freedom and social justice – originally published in Ahram Online —————-

Marches 30 June Egypt

Revolution 2.0 Coverage for Ahram Online

In essence I’m a culture journalist. But when Ahram Online asked me to do politics for the week of protests of June 30th, I couldn’t let them down. This is a selection of the videos I did.

takrir muslim brotherhood film

Egyptian film dubbed ‘Muslim Brotherhood production’ causes controversy

Short-film ‘Takrir’ by filmmaker and Muslim Brotherhood member Ezz El-Din Dowidar causes media controversy after cancelling film release in Giza’s Sayed Darwish theatre — Published in Ahram Online  (a collaboration between me and my editor Ati Metwaly) —– Takrir (Report) a short 45-minute film by young director Ezz El-Din Dowidar, a Muslim Brotherhood member, did […]

Graffiti by Keizer

Artists and Islamists going head-to-head

Egypt’s political Islamisation this year led to several conflicts between artists and Islamists through the media, in courts – and on the street – Originally published in Ahram Online. A French version of the article was also published in Le Monde’s  Courrier International. ———- Islamists’ attack on arts and culture in Egypt since they came […]