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Crowdfunding Egypt ADEF

Crowdfunding for education in Egypt: Funding for civil society democratised

In a country where the creative economy is challenged and where few opportunities exist for non-charitable civil society initiatives to raise money, crowdfunding is explored as a viable substitute by various independent artists and educational organisations. Over the past six weeks, five crowdfunding campaigns have been launched – all raising money through the internet for […]


Egypt’s artists and activists crowdfund to support projects

Egyptian artists and innovators are increasingly using crowdfunding platforms to raise money for projects, by-passing limitations of traditional fundraising – Previously published in Ahram Online. ——————— Egyptian artists, innovators and social activists are more frequently turning to crowdfunding platforms – portals that allow them to fundraise online for their artistic endeavors. Suffering from a dire […]


Mosireen Media Collective calls for donations online to remain independent

The radical media collective starts an online campaign to raise $40,000 for projects and activities centered around revolution coverage, archiving and filmmaking over the next year and a half. Originally published in Ahram Online. —————– This month, Mosireen Film Collective – an initiative born out of the Egyptian revolution with the purpose to film, archive […]

مصرين: سلسلة أفلام عن الحق في السكن

مجموعة مصرين نزلوا الفيلم ده الحيكون سلسلة حلقات أفلام توثيقية عن الحق في السكن، مشاكل المناطق العشوائية كما تسمى و عن كيف تمارس الحياه اليومية في هذه المجتمعات. شغل ١٠/١٠ بصراحة. اقراء أكثر عن المشروع هنا.