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Still from Melbourne winner of the Golden Pyramid award for Best film at the Cairo International Film Festival

Making movies against all odds: Iranian cinema at Cairo Film Fest

The 36th Cairo film festival featured two Iranian films, a documentary on censorship in Iran and a Moroccan tribute to Iranian cinema. Through them, audiences sampled the challenges facing filmmakers in the Islamic republic – Published on Ahram Online. In spite of continuous tense diplomatic relations between Egypt and Iran, the 36th Cairo Film Festival […]

Theatre Iran Egypt Play

Ancient Persian legends on contemporary Egyptian stage

Employing paintings, actors and a violin, a simple setting enriched with history and meaning, director Sabry Zekry presents a story of past and present in ‘In Once Upon a Time, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ – Article published in Ahram Online by me and Soha Elsirgany Like a fairytale, we are carried into the story through […]


Ajam band fuses Iranian folk music and urban sounds in the Spring Festival finale

Iranian-British Ajam band concert wraps-up Egypt’s Spring Festival, speaks to Ahram Online about their use of Iranian folk traditions in their more urban sound [Original article in Ahram Online] While Iran has taken over political news, causing quite a stir, globally, a group of musicians visit Beurit, then Cairo and Assiut for the Spring Festival […]