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Aida Elkashef the day i ate the fish

On creative ways to fund films, and women who killed their husbands

A cliché perhaps, but it was difficult to avoid thinking of the flashy, colorful, twisted performance The Cell Block Tango from the 2002 Hollywood production Chicago when I heard Aida El Kashef is making a documentary about Egyptian women who have killed their husbands. — Published on Mada Masr. In Chicago, the killers justify themselves […]

The Mulberry House by Sara Ishaq

Two films on Yemen in 2011 offer much to relate to

This week Scottish-Yemeni filmmaker Sara Ishaq presented two films back-to-back at Zawya: Oscar-nominated Karama has no Walls and a far more interesting feature on her family, The Mulberry House. – Published on Mada Masr. Both films screened at Zawya on Sunday 1 February, and interestingly enough, both were made simultaneously. Another fascinating discovery was that both […]

Alaa Awad's work on Mohamed Mahmoud Street

Then and now: The singer, the graffiti artists and the writer

We take a look at the trajectories of four cultural producers who gained fame during or after the January 25 revolution and find out what they’re doing now. – Published on Mada Masr. Youssra El Hawary (by Rowan El Shimi) The first time I saw Youssra El Hawary live on stage was in March 2012 during a one-week festival at […]


Egypt’s culture sector fragmented on current political crisis

A statement intends to speak for Egypt’s culture sector regarding Morsi’s ouster and current Brotherhood ‘terrorism’ at a conference, but Ahram Online hears differing views — article originally published in Ahram Online. ———– Culture Minister Mohamed Saber Arab and several artists and intellectuals held a press conference mostly for the benefit of foreign media on […]