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Youssef Kamel Atilier

Youssef Kamel’s art vanishes in Egypt’s security vacuum

Artist’s family finds home after 40-year absence ransacked and occupied by thugs who have dug up foundations looking for artefacts, ignoring value of paintings belonging to Egypt’s father of impressionism. Original article published in Ahram Online. Piles of rubble with priceless works of art scattered around, a two-storey house empty of its antique furniture and […]

Museum & Nahdet Masr Gallery Facade

Celebrating Egyptian sculptor Mahmoud Mokhtar 120th birthday

On what would be Mahmoud Mokhtar’s 120th birthday, we can celebrate the Egyptian nationalistic sculptor’s legacy, reviving the art of sculpting after being lost in the midst of centuries of wars and foreign occupation [Published in Ahram Online] ——————————————– Cairenes often pass by the “Egyptian Renaissance” statue in front of the Giza Zoo, or the […]