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Exhibition on jazz pioneer Sun Ra opens in Cairo

An exhibition entitled ‘1971, Sun Ra in Egypt’ at Medrar in Cairo focuses on intergalactic jazz legend’s music – and love of ancient Egypt — Video published in Ahram Online. ——- Cairo-based art space Medrar for Contemporary Art is currently hosting Belgian artist Tom Bogaert’s exhibition 1971, Sun Ra in Egypt, which opened on 15 […]


In Pictures: Lebanese artist creates his Fictional Museum in Cairo

Berlin-based Lebanese artist Said Baalbaki deconstructs history in Munich, Berlin and Cairo simultaneously through his Fictional Museum running at Hotel Viennoise until 25 May — Published in Ahram Online, Video published in Medrar TV and Vernissage TV as part of a joint workshop on video production on arts in Cairo. ———- Within the visual arts […]

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Discovering ‘Spaces of Expression’ in Alexandria

Volunteers from over 11 countries took to Alexandrian streets to discover, refurbish and delve into the spaces of artistic expression — Published in Ahram Online. —– Small groups of people from all over the world were spotted around downtown Alexandria in January. Sometimes they were covered with dust from head to toe, causing people on […]

Wael Darwish Vivid Memories Exhibition

Darwish’s ‘Vivid Memory’ unveils multilayered human emotions

Contemporary Egyptian artist Wael Darwish captures complexity of human emotion and uncertainty of life in shadow of ongoing social and political struggle in new exhibition – Originally published in Ahram Online. ————- The media tells stories of social and political struggles: what happens, who is involved, and what comes of it. Wael Darwish’s exhibition, which […]


VIDEO: PhotoCairo 5 explores visual culture

PhotoCairo 5, a large scale project, curated by Mia Jankowicz explores the production of art through a symposium, exhibitions, and film screenings, following social uprisings in an unthemed way.  The exhibitions are hosted in Townhouse Gallery, Contemporary Image Collective, and a shopfront in Mahmoud Basiouny Street in downtown Cairo. The screenings are hosted in Beirut and […]

Artist Rana Elnemr works at her studio projected in Townhouse

RGB: Rendering the art creation mystery obsolete

Downtown Cairo’s Townhouse Gallery invites audiences, virtually, into artists’ studios to witness art creation as it happens [Originally published in Ahram Online] Art, or more specifically art creation, has always been quite obscure. We get to see the final product displayed in a gallery, in a book, a magazine or on a screen. However, as […]

Visionary Africa Art At work exhibition photography cairo rowan el shimi

Photography exhibition audience at Al-Azhar Park tastes African emancipation

Visionary Africa: Art At Work, a photography exhibition displays African capitals and important emancipation moments, including an artistic life-size piece on Egypt [published in Ahram Online] ———————————— Typically, a contemporary Cairo art gallery will display high quality works and a recycling of the same audience, exhibition after exhibition: fellow artists, art connoisseurs and collectors and […]


Townhouse Gallery gets into the election spirit

‘Politics of Representation’ exhibition in Townhouse Gallery displays diverse range of materials used by candidates in Egypt’s ongoing parliamentary elections. [Published in Ahram Online] The abundance of new parties competing in Egypt’s parliamentary elections has left many voters baffled. The voting process, the division of voting into three stages, the huge array of candidates, and […]