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A fisheye look at #Jan25 2012

Just got myself a nice new fish eye lens extension! So decided to take all the photos from the Jan 25 march heading to Tahrir with it. Sometimes we just need a new perspective to look at something we’ve seen before. Although, no protest over the past year was as big as Jan25 2012.  

The Army & The Economy in Egypt – الجيش والاقتصاد في بر مصر

This is a must read article that explains the army’s stake in Egypt’s economy through exposing its companies and investments that remain hidden from public accountability for “defense purposes”. Read the full article on Jadaliyya here:   هذه المقالة تشرح تفاصيل مصلحة المؤسسة العسكرية المصرية في إقتصاد مصر مشيرة  للشركات و الممتلكات المختلفة التي […]


Army attacks Occupy Cabinet Protest – الجيش يهجم على معتصمين مجلس الوزراء

This morning army and military police attacked the sit-in that has been taking place on Parliament street, also known as “Occupy Cabinet” Protests since November 25th demanding the removal of SCAF (Supreme Council of Armed Forces) and showing their dissent to the “National Salvation Government” that SCAF appointed following violent clashes near Tahrir and massive […]

Emma's Revolution Per Minute Album

Emma’s Revolution Band CD Cover

Last month I got a lovely email from an American independent activist band called Emma’s Revolution. They wanted to use my photo on their new Album Cover (Revolution Per Minute). After I listened to some of their music and understood what kind of issues they were creating music for I knew I definitely wanted to […]

Occupy Cabinet

Ever since Friday November 25th, protesters in Tahrir square have occupied the street that has the cabinet and parliament. On Saturday morning there was an attempt to disperse the sit in by the police forces which resulted in some injuries and a protester’s death as he was run over by a police car. The attempt […]

Meya Silmeya First Protest – Tahrir & Egypt Connection

Meya Silmeya is an initiative by a fluid group of people that care about the revolution’s goals and values. Meya Silmeya aims to promote peaceful protest mechanisms throughout Egypt. For the first protest, people held a rope across the bridge over the Nile between Tahrir and the Opera to symbolize Tahrir and the rest of […]

Tahrir Protest Friday Nov 18

Demands were: – SCAF give power to civilians in April 2012 – Halt to military trials to civilians The day after this protest was the start of SCAF ordering police forces and military police to attack protests in Tahrir for days.  

Battlefield & Square – Tahrir – Nov 22nd

The battle between the protestors and Police/Army forces continue for a 4th day. The protestors have no weapons but rocks and occasionally molotov. The police use tear gas, CS gas, pallets and live ammunition. Protestors are trying to push back the forces to ensure the safety of the square for the sit in.  

March to Tahrir Nov 22 – Down with SCAF

Demands of the march & sit in: – SCAF leaves handing over power to a civil transitional body – Government leaves & Civil Presidential Council hires a National Salvation Government – Presidential elections take place in April 2012  

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مشكلة الثورة مش الجيش – المشكلة هي الشعب

أيوة الشعب هو المشكلة. احنا السبنى العسكر يحكمنا مع اننا عارفين إن احنا في دولة بيحكمها العسكر من وقت ما شالو الملك. ناصر كان عسكر. و مش بس عسكر كمان دكتاتور كبير قمع القوة السياسية و إستغل سذاجة الاخوان المسلمين و طمعهم فالسلطة وركبها هو و ابتدى يودينا في داهية. بعدها جه السادات. هو كمان […]