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French Institute Cairo

French Institute film festival awards four filmmakers in closing ceremony

The ninth edition of ‘Rencontre de l’image’ closes Monday night awarding several young filmmakers and showcasing the winning films to a small audience — Published in Ahram Online. —- On Monday, the French institute in Mounira, Cairo, hosted the closing ceremony of ‘Rencontre de l’image’ film festival, which showcased shorts, features and documentaries by young […]

Gilberto Gil Cairo Jazz Festival Ahram Online

Iconic Brazilian musician Gilberto Gil mesmerises audience at Cairo Jazz Festival

Ahram Online talks to Gilberto Gil, Grammy Award-winning musician, activist and former Brazilian culture minister on music, social activism and musical fusion — Published in Ahram Online. —— World-renowned artist Gilberto Gil took the stage at the fifth edition of the Cairo Jazz Festival performing a selection of his music as well as Bob Marley […]

Cairo Metro Sexual HArassment Play Theater Hara TV

Interactive play on sexual harassment rides Cairo’s metro

Ahram Online rode the underground with Noon Creative Enterprise as they put on one of their dozens of performances over the past two weeks in Cairo’s metro cars, opening conversations with commuters on sexual harassment — Published in Ahram Online. —- Recently, media coverage of sexual harassment – or perhaps more accurately gang rapes – […]

Egyptian Project

Electro-Egyptian folk music fusion project mesmerises audiences

Egyptian Project mixes electro beats, trip-hop and traditional Egyptian music creating a unique sound in live concerts — Published in Ahram Online. —– Egyptian Project brings together French and Egyptian musicians to experiment mixing electronic beats and trip-hop sounds with traditional folkloric instruments.Egyptian Project is set to take their show to the French Culture Institute […]

spaces of expression ipp cisv gudran alexandria

Discovering ‘Spaces of Expression’ in Alexandria

Volunteers from over 11 countries took to Alexandrian streets to discover, refurbish and delve into the spaces of artistic expression — Published in Ahram Online. —– Small groups of people from all over the world were spotted around downtown Alexandria in January. Sometimes they were covered with dust from head to toe, causing people on […]

behna films egypt cinema

Behna Films re-opens after 50 years in Alexandria

Ahram Online talks to the heirs of Behna Films about the company’s illustrious history during the heyday of Egyptian cinema from the 1930s until the 1950s — Published in Ahram Online. Behna Films Selections Company was one of the biggest players on the film Egyptian scene from the 1930s until the 1950s. It produced the […]

Massar Egbari

Photo Gallery: Massar Egbari rock Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Alexandria’s biggest independent music band put on a big show for a diverse crowd on 30 December to end 2012 on a positive revolutionary note – originally published in Ahram Online. Massar Egbari had a line up filling two hours of mostly their oriental rock originals with a few covers of Arabic classics. The crowd […]

Youssef Kamel Atilier

Youssef Kamel’s art vanishes in Egypt’s security vacuum

Artist’s family finds home after 40-year absence ransacked and occupied by thugs who have dug up foundations looking for artefacts, ignoring value of paintings belonging to Egypt’s father of impressionism. Original article published in Ahram Online. Piles of rubble with priceless works of art scattered around, a two-storey house empty of its antique furniture and […]


Cairo to host underground musicians Zeid and Maryam

Arabic ‘Trip-Hop’ comes to Cairo’s Darb 1718 Thursday, with a performance by alternative artists Zeid Hamdan (Lebanon) and Maryam Saleh (Egypt) who will mix traditional Arabic music, hip-hop and electronica [Originally published in Ahram Online] Lebanese and Egyptian artists Zeid Hamdan and Maryam Saleh bring their Arabic Trip-Hop project to Cairo’s Darb1718 this Thursday, 7 […]

مصرين: سلسلة أفلام عن الحق في السكن

مجموعة مصرين نزلوا الفيلم ده الحيكون سلسلة حلقات أفلام توثيقية عن الحق في السكن، مشاكل المناطق العشوائية كما تسمى و عن كيف تمارس الحياه اليومية في هذه المجتمعات. شغل ١٠/١٠ بصراحة. اقراء أكثر عن المشروع هنا.