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The 3-month mark: What has the new culture minister achieved and provoked?

This week seems like an appropriate time to step back and look at Egypt’s state culture. It’s been three months since Abdel Wahed al-Nabawi took office, the seventh culture minister since the 2011 revolution saw the end of the 24-year tenure of Hosni Mubarak-era minister Farouk Hosni. — Published on Mada Masr. And it’s also […]


Egypt’s culture sector fragmented on current political crisis

A statement intends to speak for Egypt’s culture sector regarding Morsi’s ouster and current Brotherhood ‘terrorism’ at a conference, but Ahram Online hears differing views — article originally published in Ahram Online. ———– Culture Minister Mohamed Saber Arab and several artists and intellectuals held a press conference mostly for the benefit of foreign media on […]


Artists speak about Egyptian culture ministry’s role and candidates

While Egypt is still waiting for its new interim government, Egyptian artists express their expectations from the new minister of culture – a collaborative article by myself, Ati Metwaly and Sara Elkamel for Ahram Online. ——————- The occupation of the culture ministry by protesters in opposition to policies emplaced by former-minister Alaa Abdel-Aziz continues since […]


Alexandria theatre ‘occupation’ enters fourth day

Ahram Online visits sit-in at Beram El-Tonsy theatre in Alexandria as it enters fourth day; artists insist movement bigger than culture minister discontent — Published in Ahram Online I also did a news piece about the night the theatre was attacked here. —- Alexandria artists and intellectuals are continuing their sit-in at the state-run Beram […]

VIDEO: Dancers perform ‘Zorba’ Ballet in protest

During the Culture Ministry sit-in there were daily culture events on the street. One of the most memorable performances was the night dancers from the Cairo Opera Ballet Company took the streets, dancing.