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In conversation: On 2B Continued and performing arts in Egypt

Mada’s Rowan El Shimi and artist Hanaa Safwat sit down to talk about this year’s three-day 2B Continued festival and lab, which presented to the public last weekend. They discuss the three performances — two contemporary dance shows and one play — and then zoom out to look at some issues affecting non-state-affiliated performing arts […]


In photos: Fish, harassment, a strict hotel at 2B Continued festival

The theater is a stressful place during rehearsals, and stress levels increase as opening night draws near. Everyone runs around testing all kinds of equipment, figuring out the quickest methods to change sets and what cues to give each other for light, sound and performance. — Published on Mada Masr. But this tense flurry of activity is […]


Bolt: Daring to uncover the male psyche

“It’s a man’s world,” James Brown sang in 1966. And it still is. Perhaps especially here in Egypt. — Published on Mada Masr. Even though for many families women are the main breadwinners, it’s mostly men who are in control. Couples can keep having daughter after daughter just to get a son. Social double standards […]


Ezzat Ezzat Studio: The architecture of dance

Six dancers sway across a spacious rooftop that has sheet-iron ceilings supported by steel rods. There is a certain charm to the space. The almost industrial ceiling structure, the black adagio dance floors and the windows overlooking the skyline of Giza’s middle-class Haram neighborhood are picturesque and inviting. — Published on Mada Masr. This is […]

Dancers Sidnaoui Amir Makar

In photos: Dancers flood Sednaoui

For the penultimate performance in the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) Urban Visions program on Wednesday, contemporary dancers filled Sednaoui, one of Egypt’s largest and oldest department stores. — Published in Mada Masr. How Much, choreographed by Austrian dancer Christian Ubl and performed by Cairo Contemporary Dance School students, has a variety of themes that […]

Crowdfunding Egypt ADEF

Crowdfunding for education in Egypt: Funding for civil society democratised

In a country where the creative economy is challenged and where few opportunities exist for non-charitable civil society initiatives to raise money, crowdfunding is explored as a viable substitute by various independent artists and educational organisations. Over the past six weeks, five crowdfunding campaigns have been launched – all raising money through the internet for […]

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Photo Gallery: 2 Be Continued Festival in Falaki Theatre

The organisers of the fifth annual 2B Continued Festival helped young Egyptian artists to develop their performances which, premiered on Thursday at Falaki Theatre in Cairo. — Photos published in Ahram Online. Each of the companies who developed their performances with their mentors were given strict parameters to work with: a thirty-minute time limit, a […]


Bringing contemporary dance one step closer

Eight Egyptian choreographers push the bounds of contemporary dance at Downtown Cairo’s Rawabet Theatre [Published in Ahram Online] —————————————– Downtown Cairo’s Rawabet Theatre on Wednesday night hosted a “Contemporary Dance Night” showcasing eight ten-minute performances by local choreographers, most of whom have been studying dance at the Cairo Contemporary Dance Workshop for the past three […]