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The stolen library: Syrian artists poetically archive Arab publishing

It’s a thunderous evening in East Berlin. A dented, chipped metal door is propped open, inviting passersby inside for dry refuge. Taped on the weathered door is a cardboard sign with “Fehras Publishing” written in Sharpie and an arrow pointing up a dark stairwell. — Published on Mada Masr. I was told that this German […]

oh boy germany film

Oh Boy: The generational angst in a Berliner’s day

I actually wrote about Oh Boy twice. Once in collaboration with Yasmine Nazmy while we were in Berlin, published in German on Goethe Institute’s website, and the second time for Ahram Online. Screening during Panorama of the European Film, German production ‘Oh Boy’ portrays a single day in the life of a young Berliner as […]


Berlin’s public space: Keeping Tempelhof Airport free

Published on Goethe’s website as a reflection of my stay in Berlin during the ‘Culture Journalism in the Arab World’ programme between September 2013 and October 2013. ——— Many say that in spite of the many failures of the Arab Spring in achieving democracy three years down the road from the revolutions, one of the […]


Konservativer Extremist

An article I published during my internship in Berlin in Taz. It’s in German as well, but the English (original version is available below). ——– Mohamed Abdelkarim, ein ägyptischer Künstler, wirkt an dem gemeinsamen Forschungs- und Kunstprojekt mit dem Titel „Auf der Suche nach Europa“ mit, dessen Eröffnung für den 1. November in Berlin (Mariannenplatz […]

Artwork by Ganzeer in Zamalek

Provokant genug

An article I worked on with my colleague Fatma Aydemir during my internship at Taz about a conference hosted by Goethe in Berlin on ‘Transformation and Culture’ in Egypt and Tunisia In Tunesien wird die Kunst attackiert, die ägyptische Regierung hat andere Prioritäten: Perspektiven von der Konferenz „Transformation und Kultur“. Zum zweiten Jahrestag der ersten […]

Festiwalla Berlin

Berlin’s refugees express hardships through theatre and dance

On the last day of Festiwalla, Syrian and refugees from other nationalities stage a performance portraying their suffering and lack of freedom in Germany —- article published in Ahram Online. ——- A gathering in the form of a theatre festival dubbed ‘Festiwalla’ ended on Sunday 20 October in Berlin with a contemporary dance performance by […]


Ein hohes Maß an Verbundenheit (VIDEO)

This article was published in the Taz newspaper in Germany about Egypt’s Al Nour Wal Amal blind girls orchestra performing in Berlin. Below a video about the performance published in Ahram Online. ———————- BESUCH AUS ÄGYPTEN Ein blindes Frauenorchester spielt in der Urania – Proteste am Rand des Konzerts Auf Einladung der ägyptischen Botschaft in […]