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Photo Gallery: 2 Be Continued Festival in Falaki Theatre

The organisers of the fifth annual 2B Continued Festival helped young Egyptian artists to develop their performances which, premiered on Thursday at Falaki Theatre in Cairo. — Photos published in Ahram Online. Each of the companies who developed their performances with their mentors were given strict parameters to work with: a thirty-minute time limit, a […]


Egypt Underground musicians leave negotiation table soured

Talks between the Musicians’ Syndicate and underground musicians protesting fines end sourly and under extreme pressure from an ex-regime law governing the arts. Originally published in Ahram Online. — A committee from the Syndicate of Musicians forced the cancelation of Mohamed El Nahass’s concert at El-Sawy Culturewheel roughly two weeks ago because some of the […]

Hydrarchy Exhibition ISM Palestine Gaza Flotilla

Hydrarchy Symposium: Experts and Activists Share their knowledge on the Sea

In a follow up to a previous article I’ve written regarding Hydrarchy Exhibition, this is focused on the Symposium where speakers discussed different aspects of the sea as a socioeconomic and political space. Speakers discussed historical and artistic impact of the sea, illegal immigration across the Mediterranean, Somali pirates and the Gaza Freedom Flotillas.  All […]