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Aida Elkashef the day i ate the fish

On creative ways to fund films, and women who killed their husbands

A cliché perhaps, but it was difficult to avoid thinking of the flashy, colorful, twisted performance The Cell Block Tango from the 2002 Hollywood production Chicago when I heard Aida El Kashef is making a documentary about Egyptian women who have killed their husbands. — Published on Mada Masr. In Chicago, the killers justify themselves […]

The principal egpyt

Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Principal

Al-Nazer (The Principal, 2000) is arguably one of the funniest films in Egypt’s recent cinematic history, maybe even of all time. There, a bold statement to introduce the gem of the week, a comedy about Egypt’s failing education system to coincide with the start of the new school year. — Published on Mada Masr. Directed […]


Woman artists do well as CairoComix launches

The first edition of CairoComix got off to a good start on Wednesday evening. During a closed launch event, six awards were given out to recognize achievements in regional comics and published cartoons, and a majority of the winners were women. — Published on Mada Masr. Egyptian artist Hanan al-Karargy received the Best Graphic Novel award […]


Egypt’s cinematic gems: Watch Out for Zuzu

Looking for a gem to write about this week, I was surprised to find that one of Egypt’s most-loved films, Khali Balak Men Zuzu (Watch Out for Zuzu, 1972), wasn’t already covered. — Published on Mada Masr. Boasting an impressive cast on both sides of the camera, this feel-good musical is written by cartoonist and […]


7UP borrows Cairo Dish Painting Initiative: Intellectual theft or fair game?

Paris-based American artist Jason Stoneking spent three months in Cairo at the end of 2014 as a resident artist in Artellewa, an art space in one of the city’s oldest informal neighborhoods. During this time he founded the Cairo Dish Painting Initiative, a campaign to paint the city’s signature satellite-dish skyline in a multitude of […]


Assessing Hany Khalifa’s long-awaited Bitter Sugar

Co-written with Alia Ayman and Yasmine Zohdi on Mada Masr. It’s hard not to compare Sukkar Mor (Bitter Sugar) with director Hany Khalifa’s first and only other feature film, Sahar al-Layaly (Sleepless Nights, 2003). Both follow upper-middle-class Egyptian couples trying to cope with relationship issues, and both get their names from songs by Lebanese singers […]


Welad Rizk: A guilty pleasure

Co-written with Amany Ali Shawky for Mada Masr. There can be something unbelievably sexy about a group of young men walking into a desolate landscape or driving a convertible into an ailing city. Strangely, the sons of Rizk enjoy the same allure as Alex DeLarge and his Droogs in Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 futuristic flick A […]


جولة بين فيديوهات أغاني “قناة السويس الجديدة”

ارتباط الإنتاج الثقافي بالمشروعات القومية ليس بالأمر الجديد في مصر، ويظهر هذا الارتباط تحديدا في مجالات الموسيقى والفنون البصرية. فكثيرًا ما تُكلّف الحكومة فنانين لإنتاج أعمال فنية مرتبطة بلحظات تاريخية بعينها، بينما يختار فنانون آخرون الاشتراك في هذه الأعمال دون تكليف حكومي. فعقب الإطاحة بالرئيس الأسبق محمد مرسي في ٣ يوليو ٢٠١٣ وأثناء فترة الانتخابات الرئاسية […]


Farmer, worker, soldier, Sisi: What the songs for the New Suez Canal all have in common

In keeping with Egypt’s long and storied tradition of immediately commemorating national projects with a flurry of new artistic works, the New Suez Canal launches with an ecstatic soundtrack of at least 27 songs that were produced over the past year, with even more on the way. — Published on Mada Masr. Some were commissioned […]


Propaganda of shattered dreams: Remembering the films of July 23

If you grew up in Cairo, July 23 is likely associated with a long weekend in the north with your family, a televised military parade celebrating the 1952 revolution, and watching a swarm of films depicting the Free Officers Movement that launched the revolution (or coup, rather) that felled King Farouk and established the Egyptian […]