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In conversation: On 2B Continued and performing arts in Egypt

Mada’s Rowan El Shimi and artist Hanaa Safwat sit down to talk about this year’s three-day 2B Continued festival and lab, which presented to the public last weekend. They discuss the three performances — two contemporary dance shows and one play — and then zoom out to look at some issues affecting non-state-affiliated performing arts […]


In photos: Fish, harassment, a strict hotel at 2B Continued festival

The theater is a stressful place during rehearsals, and stress levels increase as opening night draws near. Everyone runs around testing all kinds of equipment, figuring out the quickest methods to change sets and what cues to give each other for light, sound and performance. — Published on Mada Masr. But this tense flurry of activity is […]


Crossroads: Panorama of the European Film and our constantly evolving identity

European cinema might be the focus of the Panorama of the European Film, but in recent years the festival has also shed light on underexposed Egyptian and regional cinema. With the launch of Zawya in 2014, which created many opportunities year-round for less commercial Egyptian and regional films to be presented, alongside films from various […]

Gamal Ghitany

Paying farewell to Gamal al-Ghitani

At a memorial to Gamal al-Ghitani last Tuesday, Humphrey Davies read the seventh chapter of one of the books of the author’s that he had translated himself: The Pyramid Texts (1994). Titled Luminosity, the chapter is about a flash of incandescent light, sighted near the pyramids, that brings the narrator an obscure ease. — Published […]


Tuk-tuk: Beautifully shot, unnecessarily long

Tuk-tuk is a portrait of three young teenage boys who, instead of going to school everyday, man some of the three-wheel vehicles that are a staple of Cairo’s informal areas. — Published on Mada Masr. Screening as part of the Cairo International Film Festival’s parallel program of the critics film week, the 75-minute documentary has the […]


From Mahfouz to Mohamed Khan: On two of CLUSTER’s downtown tours

As part of its recent Creative Cities conference hosted by the American University in Cairo, CLUSTER organized six tours, each looking at downtown Cairo through a different lens — including biking, photography, architecture and passageways. Here is Rowan El Shimi with a video on the cinema tour, and Lara El Gibaly with a written account of the literary tour. — Published on Mada […]


Three takes on Um Ghayeb

Published on Mada Masr. Rowan El Shimi Director Nadine Salib’s first feature documentary, Um Ghayeb (Mother of the Unborn, 2014), is a deeply moving and engrossing portrait of Hanan, a woman from a countryside village near Assiut who is incapable of having children. In a community obsessed with conception and a closed society that sees […]


Young theater troupe Masl portray Egypt’s parking mafia in four cities

Four young men walk down the Manial Corniche in navy-blue overalls on a Monday afternoon. Young couples and middle-aged men on midday breaks sit around, while others pace up and down the river in a hurry. “Come see what we’ve got! A 15-minute play on the street!” the performers sing out to drum beats and […]


Q&A with Cairobserver: On space and universities

Since its launch in 2011, Cairobserver has become a go-to place for laypeople (not to mention academics) to read about, discover and discuss not just the city’s architecture, but its culture and urban environment. Initially its articles were largely in English, mostly authored by its founder and the one-man show behind the site: Mohamed Elshahed. […]

Aida Elkashef the day i ate the fish

عن الطرق اﻹبداعية لتمويل اﻷفلام، والنساء اللاتي قتلن أزواجهن

ربما يبدو اﻷمر مبتذلًا، لكن كان من الصعب أن أتوقف عن التفكير في اﻷداء المعقد، والمبهرج، والملئ باﻷلوان لتانجو الزنزانة من فيلم شيكاغو الذي تم إنتاجه في 2002، حين سمعت أن عائدة الكاشف تصنع وثائقيًا عن النساء المصريات اللواتي قتلن أزواجهن. — نشر على مدى مصر. في شيكاغو، تبرر القاتلات لأنفسهن بشرح كيف كان أزواجهن […]