About Me

There isn’t really an adjective to explain what I do. I simply do stuff I like. And hope I get something out of them and make the world a little bit better in the process.

The majority of my work is in journalism. I mainly write for Ahram Online, along with other publications and online on various topics. I had a column entitled “Dear Government”, then we overthrew them so I lost my column. I write about culture, travel, sustainable development and attempt to blog on politics.

My love for photography came when I got my first camera when I was 10 years old, a present from a dear family member. Photography for me is the ultimate medium of communication, and envoking a thought process, as it combines art and story-telling. I’m especially into photojournalism and documentary photography. Most recently, I have been dabbling with video stories, attempting to create mini-documentaries on the Egyptian culture scene for Ahram Online.

I’ve been raised in a volunteer organisation, so now volunteering in social development is just a part of being. For me to be employed (or to volunteer) in an organisation, it doesn’t have to be an NGO, or a non-profit entity (although that’s preferable), but it does have to have a strong sense of social responsibility. The organisation also has to value collaboration over competition, build people not employees, have democratic decision-making practices and have a positive outlook on our world while striving constantly to develop it. Sustainable development is a passion of mine. So if by the off-chance you are thinking of working with me on a project check out my Linkedin profile for past work experiences in that field.

I feel the need to leave Cairo on a constant basis. I’m not sure if it’s because Cairo is extremely exhausting or its my natural curiosity that pushes me out seeking a new adventure. Nonetheless, I find getting out of it is constantly a priority. We have this peculiar love-hate relationship.

I have been called an idealist and a dreamer several times, but well, I’d rather be one than conform to a lifestyle I know will damage our planet, exploit people and be of negative effect on society.  At the end of the day, I’m just someone who is looking to do something good for the world, and on the days when my natural state of laziness doesn’t completely take over me, I believe I do. Or at least I have the best of intentions.