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Young theater troupe Masl portray Egypt’s parking mafia in four cities

Four young men walk down the Manial Corniche in navy-blue overalls on a Monday afternoon. Young couples and middle-aged men on midday breaks sit around, while others pace up and down the river in a hurry. “Come see what we’ve got! A 15-minute play on the street!” the performers sing out to drum beats and […]


Q&A with Cairobserver: On space and universities

Since its launch in 2011, Cairobserver has become a go-to place for laypeople (not to mention academics) to read about, discover and discuss not just the city’s architecture, but its culture and urban environment. Initially its articles were largely in English, mostly authored by its founder and the one-man show behind the site: Mohamed Elshahed. […]

Aida Elkashef the day i ate the fish

عن الطرق اﻹبداعية لتمويل اﻷفلام، والنساء اللاتي قتلن أزواجهن

ربما يبدو اﻷمر مبتذلًا، لكن كان من الصعب أن أتوقف عن التفكير في اﻷداء المعقد، والمبهرج، والملئ باﻷلوان لتانجو الزنزانة من فيلم شيكاغو الذي تم إنتاجه في 2002، حين سمعت أن عائدة الكاشف تصنع وثائقيًا عن النساء المصريات اللواتي قتلن أزواجهن. — نشر على مدى مصر. في شيكاغو، تبرر القاتلات لأنفسهن بشرح كيف كان أزواجهن […]

Aida Elkashef the day i ate the fish

On creative ways to fund films, and women who killed their husbands

A cliché perhaps, but it was difficult to avoid thinking of the flashy, colorful, twisted performance The Cell Block Tango from the 2002 Hollywood production Chicago when I heard Aida El Kashef is making a documentary about Egyptian women who have killed their husbands. — Published on Mada Masr. In Chicago, the killers justify themselves […]

The principal egpyt

Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Principal

Al-Nazer (The Principal, 2000) is arguably one of the funniest films in Egypt’s recent cinematic history, maybe even of all time. There, a bold statement to introduce the gem of the week, a comedy about Egypt’s failing education system to coincide with the start of the new school year. — Published on Mada Masr. Directed […]


Woman artists do well as CairoComix launches

The first edition of CairoComix got off to a good start on Wednesday evening. During a closed launch event, six awards were given out to recognize achievements in regional comics and published cartoons, and a majority of the winners were women. — Published on Mada Masr. Egyptian artist Hanan al-Karargy received the Best Graphic Novel award […]