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Propaganda of shattered dreams: Remembering the films of July 23

If you grew up in Cairo, July 23 is likely associated with a long weekend in the north with your family, a televised military parade celebrating the 1952 revolution, and watching a swarm of films depicting the Free Officers Movement that launched the revolution (or coup, rather) that felled King Farouk and established the Egyptian […]


The avant-garde konafas of Ramadan 2015: 6 contenders, 1 winner

Out of all the Ramadan desserts, the konafa has become the preeminent delicacy that Egyptian pastry chefs experiment with from year to year. Unlike basbousa, katayef or baklava, whose recipes remain unchanged in Cairo patisseries, konafa — the iconic golden dessert made from a light, noodle-like crust — has stood out from the crowd as it […]


The stolen library: Syrian artists poetically archive Arab publishing

It’s a thunderous evening in East Berlin. A dented, chipped metal door is propped open, inviting passersby inside for dry refuge. Taped on the weathered door is a cardboard sign with “Fehras Publishing” written in Sharpie and an arrow pointing up a dark stairwell. — Published on Mada Masr. I was told that this German […]

Jews of egypt

Ramadan series ‘The Jewish Alley’ to ‘show birth of sectarianism in Egypt’

Ramadan comes 11 days earlier each year. In recent years this has translated into scorching heat and longer fasting days. But while some things change about Ramadan, like its time, others don’t. There will always be a zombie-like consumption of Ramadan TV. — Published on Mada Masr. This year, one particular series has been making […]

Oufuky music festival

In conversation with Ayman Asfour: Oufuqy and the Alexandrian music scene

Having just finished its fourth edition, the Oufuqy music festival — or forum — is starting to become the “most favorited” festival in Alexandria by musicians and audiences alike. — Published on Mada Masr. I’ve been following Oufuqy since its inception in 2012. It started out as a five-day event showcasing 10 bands and five music films […]

Culture Minister

The 3-month mark: What has the new culture minister achieved and provoked?

This week seems like an appropriate time to step back and look at Egypt’s state culture. It’s been three months since Abdel Wahed al-Nabawi took office, the seventh culture minister since the 2011 revolution saw the end of the 24-year tenure of Hosni Mubarak-era minister Farouk Hosni. — Published on Mada Masr. And it’s also […]