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The past will return

The Past Will Return, but is sincerity enough?

Dina Hamza’s much-anticipated film Gaye al-Zaman (The Past Will Return) closed Hybrid Reels, the celebrated 20-day non-fiction program at Zawya, with yet another full house. — Published on Mada Masr. The Past Will Return is extremely personal. In it, Hamza, who is now 36 and has been making films since 2004, uses the making process as […]


Egypt’s arts revolution thrives at Minya’s Megraya

The lights come back on after an engrossing two-hour journey with Das Experiment (The Experiment), a German fiction film from 2001 inspired by the 1971 Stanford prison experiment recreating the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or a prison guard. — Published on Mada Masr. The film is intense, both in terms of its content — a damning comment […]


Bolt: Daring to uncover the male psyche

“It’s a man’s world,” James Brown sang in 1966. And it still is. Perhaps especially here in Egypt. — Published on Mada Masr. Even though for many families women are the main breadwinners, it’s mostly men who are in control. Couples can keep having daughter after daughter just to get a son. Social double standards […]


“عمارة الرقص” في ستوديو عزت عزت

ستة راقصين يتمايلون على طول سطح واسع له سقف من صاج مدعم بقوائم حديدية. ثمة سحر ما يحيط بالمكان. فهيكل السقف الُمصنّع كله تقريبا، وأرضية الرقص السوداء والنوافذ المطلة على أفاق حي الطبقة المتوسطة بالجيزة، حي الهرم، لهو مشهد خلاب ومغرٍ. — نشر في مدى مصر. هذه هي إحدى المساحات في ستوديو عزت عزت للرقص […]


Ezzat Ezzat Studio: The architecture of dance

Six dancers sway across a spacious rooftop that has sheet-iron ceilings supported by steel rods. There is a certain charm to the space. The almost industrial ceiling structure, the black adagio dance floors and the windows overlooking the skyline of Giza’s middle-class Haram neighborhood are picturesque and inviting. — Published on Mada Masr. This is […]


Egypt’s cinematic gems: The Empire of Satan

One of Salah Abu Seif‘s last films, strangely translated as The Empire of Satan in the credits, Al-Bedaya (The Beginning, 1986) starts with a written message from the director telling us that this film has nothing to do with reality, but is imagined by himself. He asks that we watch it a few times if we […]


A growing niche: The rise of English as a literary language in Egypt

This article is part of a series we are running ahead of the Mada Marketplace event to feature the participating vendors. I was born in Egypt, raised in Egypt, went to a school that mixed both English and Arabic, and yet it’s safe to say I consider English my first language in writing. When I publish an […]

Dancers Sidnaoui Amir Makar

In photos: Dancers flood Sednaoui

For the penultimate performance in the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) Urban Visions program on Wednesday, contemporary dancers filled Sednaoui, one of Egypt’s largest and oldest department stores. — Published in Mada Masr. How Much, choreographed by Austrian dancer Christian Ubl and performed by Cairo Contemporary Dance School students, has a variety of themes that […]

Courtesy: Tarek el Attar

Two takes on D-CAF’s The Library

Rowan El Shimi — Published on Mada Masr. While I was a student in school, the library was my favorite hangout during break-time. I would go with my two best friends, and we would each get lost in whatever adventure we found there. We would sit and read some paragraphs aloud, laugh and discuss books […]