D-CAF third edition: On performances, public space and the future

As the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival’s third edition comes to a close, Ahram Online reflects on the event’s celebrations, challenges and aspirations — Published in Ahram Online.

The third edition of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) came to a close on Friday 11 April in Shehrazade with La Voix est Libre, a multidisciplinary performance — or mini-festival, rather — which reflected the event’s very essence.

Translating to The Free Voices Festival, La Voix est Libre began in 2005 in Paris’ Bouffes du Nord Theatre. In Cairo, the French artists worked with their Egyptian counterparts putting on shows at the Falaki Theatre, the French Institute in Alexandria and, finally, the Shehrazade Nightclub.

With that evening bringing this year

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