Photo Gallery: 2 Be Continued Festival in Falaki Theatre

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The organisers of the fifth annual 2B Continued Festival helped young Egyptian artists to develop their performances which, premiered on Thursday at Falaki Theatre in Cairo. — Photos published in Ahram Online.

Each of the companies who developed their performances with their mentors were given strict parameters to work with: a thirty-minute time limit, a maximum of four performers on the stage, and a specific budget. The young writers, directors, actors, choreographers, dancers and set designers and technicians were all mentored by established professionals who support them throughout the process.

Finally the performances were, in order of appearance on stage: ‘A Room Filled With Smoke’, choreographed by Mounir Said, which dealt with the theme of suicide; ‘Mirror’, written and directed by Yasmine Emam, a one-woman show on unfairness in the treatment of women Egypt; ‘Triangles are my Favourite Shape’, written and directed by Seif Abdel-Salaam and Lara El-Gebaly, which explored the relationships and power dynamics of confinement; and ‘What is Left’, choreographed by Mohamed El-Deeb, based on scenes that evoke feeling through repetitions and loss of human identity.

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