Photo Gallery: The untouched beaches of Egypt’s south

Qulaan Wadi El Gemal Hamata Red Sea Egypt Beach

Unknown even to many Egyptians, southern Egypt is home to several protected beaches of unparalleled natural beauty and splendour — Published in Ahram Online.

In southern Egypt’s Wadi Al-Gemal protectorate, which sits on over 7,450 square kilometres of land, lie two beaches featuring exquisite natural beauty, clear waters and an array of wildlife co-existing with their eco-friendly human counterparts.

The beaches of Qulaan and Ras Hancorab each have their own unique charm: at low tide, Qulaan reveals four sandy, golden islands, with a touch of green mangrove trees growing out of the sea; Ras Hancourab is farther off the road, with mountains and a stretch of water so clear that one can discern sea creatures from above the surface.

Near the Wadi Al-Gemal protectorate, meanwhile, which lies closer to Marsa Alam, lies the Naizak, a natural pool surrounded by mountains near the seashore.

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