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VIDEO: PhotoCairo 5 explores visual culture

PhotoCairo 5, a large scale project, curated by Mia Jankowicz explores the production of art through a symposium, exhibitions, and film screenings, following social uprisings in an unthemed way.  The exhibitions are hosted in Townhouse Gallery, Contemporary Image Collective, and a shopfront in Mahmoud Basiouny Street in downtown Cairo. The screenings are hosted in Beirut and […]


Egypt Underground musicians leave negotiation table soured

Talks between the Musicians’ Syndicate and underground musicians protesting fines end sourly and under extreme pressure from an ex-regime law governing the arts. Originally published in Ahram Online. — A committee from the Syndicate of Musicians forced the cancelation of Mohamed El Nahass’s concert at El-Sawy Culturewheel roughly two weeks ago because some of the […]


Photopia brings photography to Cairo’s Heliopolis

A new space for photography launched in June, aspiring to be a new hub in Cairo for photographers and appreciation of the image. Originally published in Ahram Online. — A stronger appreciation for photography and imagery emerged with the January 25 Revolution. People started to look at photography beyond its commercial side epitomised in the […]


Social change reaches Alexandria through the arts

For more than a decade, the Alexandria-based Gudran Association for Arts and Development has pursued social transformation through artistic projects and support for local culture. Originally published in Ahram Online. ——————— Alexandria, a city seldom thought of when thinking of Egypt’s contemporary cultural movement, continues to prove its vital role on the cultural scene. In […]


‘I3zif’ provides online platform for learning music in Arabic

Jordanian-based website ‘i3zif’ provides online music lessons to teach the Middle East’s musicians of the future. Article originally published in Ahram Online. ——————- Brainchild of Jordanian musician Bisher Abu Taleb and video editor Ayham Abu Hammad, provides an online platform for learning musical instruments via video lessons. “The project came from our own experience with music,” […]

Photo by Bassam Al Zoghby

Diverse audiences enjoy opening of Cairo circus festival after police delay

International Circus Festival ‘CirCairo’ opens with a public event in Abdeen Square, bringing local, regional and international circus troupes to the stage and Cairo’s streets. Originally published in Ahram Online. ————– On Thursday 4 October, the International Circus Festival (CirCairo) launched its Cairo festivities with a public event in Abdeen Square in front of Cairo’s […]

Ganzeer MoFa Virus is Spreading Art Revolution Egypt

Photo Gallery: Ganzeer’s ‘The Virus is Spreading’ in Cairo

Artist Mohamed Fahmy, better known as Ganzeer, has turned the fine arts space of Safarkhan Gallery into a colourful array of painted walls, simulating the Cairo street experience. Gallery originally published in Ahram Online. Ongoing till 1 November, the exhibition brings the politically driven energy of the street to the exhibition space. Other Cairo artists […]


Mosireen Media Collective calls for donations online to remain independent

The radical media collective starts an online campaign to raise $40,000 for projects and activities centered around revolution coverage, archiving and filmmaking over the next year and a half. Originally published in Ahram Online. —————– This month, Mosireen Film Collective – an initiative born out of the Egyptian revolution with the purpose to film, archive […]