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Cairo to host underground musicians Zeid and Maryam

Arabic ‘Trip-Hop’ comes to Cairo’s Darb 1718 Thursday, with a performance by alternative artists Zeid Hamdan (Lebanon) and Maryam Saleh (Egypt) who will mix traditional Arabic music, hip-hop and electronica [Originally published in Ahram Online] Lebanese and Egyptian artists Zeid Hamdan and Maryam Saleh bring their Arabic Trip-Hop project to Cairo’s Darb1718 this Thursday, 7 […]


Remembering Ismail Yassin, an iconic Egyptian actor

On the fortieth anniversary of comedian and actor Ismail Yassin’s death, Ahram Online assesses his contribution to film, theatre and comedy in Egypt [Originally published in Ahram Online] Thursday is not only a legendary day for Egypt due to the first post-revolutionary presidential elections. It also marks the 40-year anniversary of artist, actor and comedian […]

Cairo Flash Mob Ramsis Train Station

Cairo flash mob met with public disdain, suspicion

Reactions to a recent flash mob at Cairo’s Ramses Train Station suggest that the Egyptian public – for the most part – isn’t quite ready for experimental street theatre [Originally published in Ahram Online] While it was not the first event of its kind in Egypt, the flash mob that took place on Thursday in […]


Ajam band fuses Iranian folk music and urban sounds in the Spring Festival finale

Iranian-British Ajam band concert wraps-up Egypt’s Spring Festival, speaks to Ahram Online about their use of Iranian folk traditions in their more urban sound [Original article in Ahram Online] While Iran has taken over political news, causing quite a stir, globally, a group of musicians visit Beurit, then Cairo and Assiut for the Spring Festival […]

Artist Rana Elnemr works at her studio projected in Townhouse

RGB: Rendering the art creation mystery obsolete

Downtown Cairo’s Townhouse Gallery invites audiences, virtually, into artists’ studios to witness art creation as it happens [Originally published in Ahram Online] Art, or more specifically art creation, has always been quite obscure. We get to see the final product displayed in a gallery, in a book, a magazine or on a screen. However, as […]


Palestinian Playback Theater comes to Cairo

Cultural activists put on Playback Theatre performances in Cairo, promote September ‘Freedom Bus’ ride to Palestine [Article originally published in Ahram Online] When we attend the theatre we usually expect to watch actors act out a script. However, this week in Cairo, when audience members visited theatres they told their own stories and had them […]

Trash to Art workshop in Dahab, Sinai, Egypt

Trash turns to art in Dahab Festival

Visitors to the Dahab Festival took part in a workshop run by local resident Anja Makulik who spends her days making art out of trash thrown around the desert [Originally published in Ahram Online] At the kick start of the Dahab Festival, 14-20 April, which incorporates watersports, healthy living, art and culture into six days of […]