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Omar Mohsen Mogrem Ganzeer Martyrs Mural Project Graffiti Street art

PHOTO GALLERY: Graffiti artists spray paint Cairo in memory of Port Said Martyrs

The week after the tragic events in Port Said, graffiti artists and friends of the martyrs spray paint Cairo in their honour [Published in Ahram Online] The clashes in Port Said left 74 dead and hundreds injured. Most of the martyrs were young students, the youngest of whom, Anas, was only 14 years old. The […]

zanzan v for vandetta mask egypt maspero

V for Vendetta masks: From a 1980s comic book to the Egyptian revolution

Ahram Online talks to the illustrator of the original ‘V for Vendetta’ comic book, David Lloyd, who designed the now iconic mask that has come to define global revolution [Published in Ahram Online]   As the January 25 Revolution anniversary approached and passed, V for Vendetta masks could be noticed all over the city: on […]


Egypt’s photography: From documentation to the gallery

Photography has been used as a tool of documentation, incitement and even artistic expression during Egypt’s year of revolt [Published in Ahram Online & Ahram Weekly] From the initial portraits of the martyrs, which created street art around the country and brought tears to people’s eyes, to the iconic photos like Tahrir from above on […]


Instead of celebrating art, El Fan Midan mourns attacks in Egyptian football stadium

Normally a happy, artful event, El Fan Midan became a podium for demands, cloaked in mourning for those killed in the attacks at the Port Said football stadium. [Published in Ahram Online] With Egypt in mourning following Wednesday’s brutal attack on fans in a Port Said stadium that left more than 70 dead and hundreds […]

Photo by Dana Smillie for The National

Egypt culture chief’s tightrope walk between arts and Islamists

Mohamed El Sawy’s job will be to strike a balance between the views of the country’s newly empowered Islamists and those of the artists, writers and filmmakers who make up one of the region’s most vibrant cultural scenes. [Published in The National UAE, Photo credits: Dana Smillie] CAIRO // Depending on how you look at […]