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فيلم وثائقي جديد: عندما واجه الشيخ إمام

فيلم جديد بالغة العربية مع وجود ترجمة لعدة لغات ليعرف العالم على الشيخ إمام. الفيلم من إخراج و إنتاج و سيناريو  أحمد مناويشي. يتكلم الفيلم عن حياة و موسيقة الفنان المناضل الشيخ إمام مع العلم إنه كان أحد رموز الكفاح المصري في الستينات من أجل الحرية و العدالة الاجتماعية.   أغاني الشيخ إمام مع قدمها […]

A fisheye look at #Jan25 2012

Just got myself a nice new fish eye lens extension! So decided to take all the photos from the Jan 25 march heading to Tahrir with it. Sometimes we just need a new perspective to look at something we’ve seen before. Although, no protest over the past year was as big as Jan25 2012.  

Artists march for freedom of expression egypt cairo opera parliament

Artists march on new parliament for freedom of expression

Egyptian artists, actors, filmmakers and musicians march from the Cairo Opera House to the Parliament demanding full creative freedom. [Published in Ahram Online] On Monday 23 January, the newly formed Egyptian Creativity Front organised a march from the Cairo Opera House in Zamalek to the parliament building calling on all members of the People’s Assembly to […]

Artists march for freedom of expression egypt cairo opera parliament

Photograpy: Artists March for Freedom of Expression – الفنانين في مسيرة للدفاع عن حرية الابداع

Today from the Opera to Parliament the Front to Defend Creative Freedoms organised a march to demand freedom of creative expression with no boundaries, censorship or monitoring to be ensured by the new parliament. The march reached about 2,000 people at its peak. They issued a statement that was to be read by their spokes […]

Hydrarchy Exhibition ISM Palestine Gaza Flotilla

Hydrarchy Symposium: Experts and Activists Share their knowledge on the Sea

In a follow up to a previous article I’ve written regarding Hydrarchy Exhibition, this is focused on the Symposium where speakers discussed different aspects of the sea as a socioeconomic and political space. Speakers discussed historical and artistic impact of the sea, illegal immigration across the Mediterranean, Somali pirates and the Gaza Freedom Flotillas.  All […]

Photo by Kareem Hammam Curtosey of Mashrou3 El Mareekh

Oyoon Art Group to establish Minya as Upper Egypt’s cultural hub

 Oyoon Art Group  are operating in Minya City to establish it as a cultural hub for Upper-Egypt by creating free and open spaces for self-expression and crowd-sourcing techniques to establish Minya’s cultural identity. [Article published in Ahram Online] I attended one of their events in Minya last July, which inspired me to write another article […]

“Where do we go Now?” New Film by Nadine Labaki – وهلأ لوين؟ : فيلم جديد لنادين لبكي

Just went to see Lebanese film “Where Do We Go From Here?” by Director Nadine Labaki. I highly recommend you go see it as its a light, fun and beautiful film that touches upon themes such as friendship, co-existence, peace, creativity and the true power women have in society. The film is set in a […]