Army attacks Occupy Cabinet Protest – الجيش يهجم على معتصمين مجلس الوزراء


This morning army and military police attacked the sit-in that has been taking place on Parliament street, also known as “Occupy Cabinet” Protests since November 25th demanding the removal of SCAF (Supreme Council of Armed Forces) and showing their dissent to the “National Salvation Government” that SCAF appointed following violent clashes near Tahrir and massive protests all over the country.

On Wednesday, about 60 protesters suffered severe food poisoning from Hawashi (traditional Egyptian minced meat sandwiches) that was given out by a random woman. Some rumors along with speculations went on that this was the work of security forces trying to disperse the protests. Earlier this week new Prime Minister Ganzouri (who was PM under Mubarak previously) stated that they will not use violence nor will they try to disperse the Cabinet sit-in. Till now the police Central Security Forces (CSF) have not made an appearance at the attack.

Stories vary on who attacked first, the protesters or army personnel. However, after clashes between both sides the army personnel forced most protesters out of the square, keeping a couple of hundred in the street including activists Mona Seif, and her sister Sanaa Seif, and Noor Ayman (who suffered serve beatings when he was trying to protect a fellow female protester from beat beaten up). Mona and Sanaa were also beaten up along with many other female protesters including this woman who was slapped several times by army personel. Samira Ibrahim, the protester who was violated by the army and forced to take a virginity test in March was among those detained, questioned then released.

Parliamentary possible candidate Ziad El-Eleimi was also beaten up by security forces. Eleimy is a lawyer, human rights activist, a founding member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and Revolution’s Youth Coalition. An army officer told him “Your protection for being an MP will not help you”.

The attack did not just include protesters but also journalists. Evan Hill, online producer of Al Jazeerah English was among those taken into parliament and beaten up. He also had his phone, camera and American Passport confiscated. Later after his release he tweeted the following:

– Soldiers and men in plainclothes beat me with batons, wooden sticks and once with a crowbar before I was taken inside. – Once inside they sat me down next to 2 crying girls and went through their possessions, then took my passport and marched me into parliament. – While being marched through courtyard soldier kicked me as plainclothes men w/ sticks watched. Asked if I was going to give him money. – They marched me through gilded, marble halls of parliament to exit foyer where they had abt 20 ppl, women and men, several bleeding frm head – A soldier in camo pants and green tshirt berated everyone and slapped a girl as he took IDs and passports – After abt 20 minutes they brought doctors in, who gaves stiches without anesthesia to a man with the worst headwound.

This is Mona Seif’s account of what happened (Arabic)



Prime minister Ganzouri is yet to comment on the clashes.

Later in the afternoon, unidentified personel, in plain civilian clothing (with a gun strapped to the belt of one of them) were on top of a governmental building on Kasr El Einy street (perpendicular to Cabinet street) were throwing rocks, huge tiles, sticks and basically anything they could find on protesters below. They seemed to be enjoying it, dancing on top, giving protesters the finger, and also peeing on them.


With my zoom lens, I managed to get the faces of some of the plain clothed men. Please feel free to circulate them, use them in any court cases that will be filed. Do what you wish with these photos as long as it is for the revolution.


The army are being completely brutal. The new cabinet, which supposedly, as we’ve been told over and over the past two weeks on newspapers and media, has full sovreignty is completely incapable of doing anything to stop the army and military police. It’s quite clear, that we cannot wait till June (as they claim) for civilian rule, which will actually be fake. We need to take control now. SCAF needs to go back to taking care of army matters, and stay away from politics.

Army/Police forces have attacked protesters every month this year. Sometimes more than once a month and over several days. The media is playing its usual game. The political powers are doing nothing.

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