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Out of the Picture: Shaabi Music at Geneina Theatre

Article written for Ahram Online but not published. El Geineina theatre push boundaries in their search for underground talents bringing shaabi music from the streets and weddings to the stage. On Thursday night, Geneina hosted artists associated with weddings and gigs at neighbourhoods such as Al-Salam, Al-Mattaria and Embaba on their stage. The line up […]

Radwan on Friday January 28th Protesting in Cairo

Photography: Free Radwan Protest at Syrian Embassy

Muhammad Radwan has been detained by the Syrian regime since Friday March 25th and made to “confess” a story that makes no sense on Syrian TV. He is Egyptian/American and is innocent of the spying accusations they are pinning on him. His friends, family and supporters of the cause protested in front of the Syrian […]

Photography: Tahrir Protest Demanding the Trials of Mubarak & Regime

On April 8th a huge protest with marches headed to Tahrir to demand the trials of former regime.  

First Israeli Embassy Protest – April 8th

These are photos from the very first protest that happened in front of the Israeli embassy since the revolution started.  

Suez: A perfect day trip for seafood lovers and history enthusiasts

One random day in 2010 I ended up in Suez unexpectedly and had a wonderful day getting to know this new city. A couple of months later I ended up writing this article about it during my time in Tour Egypt. Read full article here.

Cairo: Live it like a local

In this article for Tour Egypt, I was giving travel advice to Cairo visitors who wish to do something alternative to visiting the pyramids and taking a stroll in Khan El Khalili. Full article here.

Tour Egypt makes a sphinx bed for Extreme Makeover

An article and some video editing I did for Tour Egypt about an initiative they took to ship a sphinx bed for a little boy in the US for the show extreme makeover. For full article and video click here.

Characters of Egypt – Connecting tribes from all around

Characters of Egypt is a festival that unites Egyptian tribes from all over the country together for 3 days in a celebration of cultural diversity and environmental awareness. This article I wrote about my experience volunteering in Characters of Egypt 2010 while I was working at Tour Egypt’s travel website. For full article click here.

Qulaan Islands: Paradise in the Deep South

This article I wrote while I was working for Tour Egypt’s travel website about the Qulaan Islands in Wadi El Gemal Protectorate in the south of Egypt. For full article click here.

Coalition for Independent Culture holds vigil for victims of attack on Coptic march

Culture groups unite to hold a vigil and put out political demands to Egypt’s ruling military council, stating that as artists they cannot keep quiet after the bold-faced attacks that recently killed 26 [Published in Ahram Online] ——————————————————– On Thursday 13 October evening the Coalition for Independent Culture held a silent vigil, which turned into […]