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Radwan on Friday January 28th Protesting in Cairo

Keeping the pressure for Radwan

We’ve all seen from recent events around the Arab world that authoritarian regimes tend to cave to pressure (unless they are Gaddafi, but he is a madman not just a dictator). This is just what Radwan’s family and friends are doing to free him. With a successful social media campaign, many Egyptian activists on their […]

Saturday: Super Moon and Democratic Practices

Even though I was pushing for a No to the constitutional ammendments since going into parlimentary and presidential elections with a new constitution that hasn’t been butchered by Mubarak and his thugs for 30 years meant we had a backbone to our revolution. However, it seems that the “yes” vote is the clear winner. Usually […]

سلطات الرئيس و شرعية الثورة تحكم علينا أن نصوت لأ

وحدة صحبتي بتدرس في جامعة أكسفورد بعتتلي المنشورة دي في ايميل بعنوان “ليه نرفض التعديلات و نطالب بدستور جديد”. يجب علينا جميعاً أن ننشر الوعي من خلال كل وسائل الاتصالات على فيسبوك و تويتر و ايميل و طباعة و توزيع. لو عايزين نعيش في ديمقراطية و حرية حقيقية لازم يوم السبت تطلع النتيجة لأ ممكن […]

Why I’m voting NO

The Egyptian revolution has been a peaceful battle for change. This change is not just about Mubarak or his minions. It is about changing the entire way in which we live, work, produce and most importantly make decisions. A revolution by definition is overthrowing the old to bring in a new system. Our demand is […]

What Women Want in New Egypt

Over the past weeks we have seen mass protests by people across all segments of society calling for political change and reform, in hope that this change would reflect on economical and social issues in the future. As the days progressed we saw workers striking and protesting for their rights, journalists protesting for free and […]

The domino effect

The Future: Arab Revolutions and Arab Unity

Ever since Tunisia’s uprising started, we’ve seen many across the Arab world. Egypt followed Tunisia’s uprising on January 25th, and 18 days later successfully toppled the thirty year dictator Hosni Mubarak. During the Egyptian uprising we’ve seen similar ones in Jordan, successfully removing their government, Yemen, where the struggles continues till now. The day after […]