Voice of Freedom – صوت الحرية

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHgzJIkFP7s&w=640&h=390]


Definitely a favourite song of mine from the revolution so far. Other than the nice music, moving lyrics and great video, I think what sets it apart from other songs that were produced this month was that it was not nationalistic. It was not about Egypt, it was about something bigger than that. The song discusses freedom, belief, speaking out against injustice and peaceful protest . It can be adapted to any population anywhere in the world that is oppressed or living in unfair conditions. The line that gets me most is “Our weapon was our dream”.

I believe that new Egypt should not be about loving Egypt for the sake of it being where we are from. I believe the regime has tried to use old nationalistic songs to try and get us to retreat. During the protests and even till now the local radio is playing nationalist music and so are some of the channels. The revolution is not over just yet, and songs like this are the ones we should cling to.

What we should do is build Egypt on these principles we were calling for during the protests: Freedom, social justice and transparency. Then we wouldn’t need a song that has the word Egypt in it 10 times to remind us we love this country. Imagine having the values and principles we had in Tahrir in all of Egypt. That is not impossible, but it will take time, effort, commitment and most importantly belief.

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